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Working at Primend


Our people at Primend are united by a passion to make businesses more successful. Our team includes everyone from experienced system architects and project managers, all the way to licencing experts and service talents. Together, we can also develop the most complex IT solutions and find new smart options for how to achieve business goals with the help of technology while making our customers’ lives simpler and more convenient. 

Meet our team





Our story started with the courage to do things differently. There were only four friends and a windowless office room. A common understanding of the best service, respectful competition and work that should also be fun!

10 years later, we operate in all three Baltic countries, and our advantage, in addition to the best IT experts, is the ability to offer equally good service in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - on the same principles and bases. And work is still fun!

Today, over 100 Primendians belong to the Primend community. And we continue to grow.


How did we get here?

Behind our story is every Primendian, who we have supported with both trust and knowledge. Primend's culture is shaped daily by our four core values, which we have formulated together with the people of Primend. If you feel connected to our values and consider them similar to your own, you could very likely be one of the members of our community.



Together is better

We believe that by supporting and helping each other, we can reach higher. Our leadership culture is inclusive and caring. We always involve all employees in making major decisions about our culture and principles.

Development inspires

Development and learning is a part of our DNA. We always strive to be at least one step ahead to provide the best for our customers.

The best dare to differ

We are not afraid to make mistakes as these are our best learning experiences. However, we prefer not to repeat the mistakes we have made. We dare to think and act differently, and we take responsibility for being pioneers..

We help you to fly

We think big. We support both ambitious ideas and their execution. We help Primendians to fly by supporting them in learning, development, and new beginnings.


We learn something new every day at Primend, to help hundreds of companies operating in the Baltics grow and develop. Development and learning are part of our DNA, because it just cannot be otherwise. When you join Primend, we expect the same from you.

Development ladder

As a Primendian, you know exactly where and how you can develop further. But you can choose your own path. We create a career path for each Primendian according to their preferences and help them grow and learn. We enable paid learning days where you can focus on acquiring new knowledge without distraction. We conduct cooperation and career development talks at least twice a year to support your progress. We measure our success by how many of the Primendians have progressed on the development ladder during the year.

Primend TALKS & Trainers Club

We believe there is power in sharing knowledge. Whether it's investing or painting, security solutions for cloud services or creating Power Platform applications. 
The Primend Trainers' Club unites people who wish to pass on knowledge. We value their contribution very much, which is why we have created additional benefits for all internal trainers.

New beginnings

There are dozens of Primendians in our ranks, for whom Primend is the first job in the IT field. In addition to common values, they are all united by the desire to learn and develop. Our contribution is to encourage and support because we know that skills can be developed. We recruit people, not skills.

The world is a global village

We do not look at learning narrowly and only professionally but feel that it is also a combination of personal development and discovering of the world. If you feel that you want to work in another country, learn something completely new or go and come back instead, we will do our best to make it all possible.


We make working flexible and help to match the place of work with your place of residence.


Our recruitment is simple and fast. We start from the fact that we primarily recruit people, not skills. We respect the time of people who apply to Primend and contribute to providing feedback throughout the competition.

View open positions

But what happens after you've shared your CV with us?

1. Let's get to know each other

First, we will review your CV and cover letter. If we see a fit, we will arrange a short (video) conversation to get a mutual idea of whether the offered role and Primend as an employer could suit you.


2. Challenge yourself

For certain positions, we assign candidates homework or conduct skill/personality tests. As a rule, these are simple and short exercises, because we value your time.

3. Meeting the manager

We will introduce Primend to you in more detail and we expect you to introduce yourself. Your future manager will also participate in the conversation. We will get an idea of your skills and experience, as well as your values. A part of the meeting will be an office tour and you will meet people you could work with. By that time, it could be clear from both sides whether we click or not.

4. Welcome, new primendian!

Now it is up to you whether you will join us to conquer the IT mountains. We will send you a job offer on which you can give your feedback. The offer includes all benefits, main duties, and information regarding work and additional bonuses.

Career opportunities

If there is currently no suitable job advertisement posted, please let us know about your interest at cv@primend.com, and we will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.



Primendians have said that Primend is the best place to start your IT career. This is so, because many of today's managers and top experts got into Primend thanks to our internship program. We do everything to ensure that the internship offers an experience and an opportunity to test yourself. In addition, we offer additional benefits to all Primend’s trainees:

  • Internship fee
  • Reimbursement of the telephone bill
  • Personal training program
  • Exciting team and company events
  • Personal tutor and mentor
  • Development and collaboration talks for goal setting
  • Free parking and all benefits in the office

Are you interested in internship experience at Primend?

Let us know about your interest at cv@primend.com and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that we will conduct preliminary interviews with all interns, and if necessary, group work to find out mutual suitability.




In Primend, your salary will be in accordance with your position and the market conditions. A very well located office with sustainable principles offers coffee, even with oat milk. Soft drinks if you want. You will have a hoodie and slippers, with your name on them actually. Good and high-quality tools. Fruits and a rally chair. Yes, it's all true!

In addition to the obvious, we have created benefits that support your well-being and health more broadly, because we believe that we have a big role to play in supporting the balance and well-being of your work and personal life.


Exciting events for the team and the whole company

100% compensation for sick days

Additional vacation days (Incredible Leave)

Paid extra vacation days for important life events

Remote working option and support both in Estonia and abroad

Events and services that support physical and mental health

Company’s shares for key people with significant contributions

Development ladder with paid study days

Meaningful internal trainings and the opportunity to be a member of the Primend Trainers' Club


Joosep's journey with Primend | 5 years

Joosep's journey with Primend | 5 years

This year signifies Joosep's fifth anniversary as the Head of Sales at Primend. Come and explore his journey!
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Marion's journey with Primend | 5 years

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Clouds and Palms: Kadi’s Adventures Here and There

Clouds and Palms: Kadi’s Adventures Here and There

Kadi began her user support internship at Primend in early February 2019. “My job interview wasn’t formal at all; in fact, we just chatted with Rene and Svea while sitting on the windowsill,” she says, thinking back on that time. On 1 May that same year, Kadi officially became a Primend employee and has been working for the company ever since. Who is Kadi, what are her dreams and what makes her always opt for plan B?
Have you met Mārtiņš? | Primend Latvia CEO

Have you met Mārtiņš? | Primend Latvia CEO

I think Primend is a super good place not just to work but have a second family, and every person should understand and appreciate it and do their best. I think it’s maybe this stubbornness, patience and motivation, and then really sky is the limit. With Primend there really are no limits.
Meet Kevin | SharePoint and Power Platform Expert

Meet Kevin | SharePoint and Power Platform Expert

I was faced with the dilemma of whether to become a road worker, a welder, or IT specialist (in Kevin’s family of 7 children, all of these three occupations are represented – ed.). I initially opted for road work, but I didn’t like it and then I went to study IT.
Back to Basics | Interview with the founders

Back to Basics | Interview with the founders

This is the short version of our history. We invite you on a walk down memory lane, to get us all up to date and give an insight into the essence of Primend. And here they are, our fantastic four: Toomas, Aleksei, Rene and Tõnis. Yes, they might cringe at that title and may prefer not to be set on a pedestal, but they are the four pillars of us. So let them tell the story.