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Cloud Service for Entrepreneur

Primend has good experience that enables us to build IT systems and business processes correctly and sustainably. Those include collaboration, network, security, customer management, CRM and accounting. Based on our experience, we have developed a cloud service solution for starting companies and small firms.

When starting a company, people often make use of free resources:

  • When you buy a virtual server, you get a free homepage and a free e-mail address for which you also have to register a domain.
  • For convenience of work, e-mails are directed to a personal Gmail or Outlook environment facilitating somewhat better collaboration and document management capabilities.
  • The computer used as a work tool is often the one that happens to be available. Usually it runs an older Windows operation system and a semi-legal Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • CRM and customer management are solved by Excel and free SaaS programmes are used for accounting.
  • No attention or minimum attention is paid to security. It is presumed that a virus control programme installed in the computer or a slightly more complicated login password set for the systems are sufficient.
  • If there is an office, the most basic router with WiFi is installed in the office by an internet service provider.

Primend recommends to have the IT systems of a company established in a secure and sustainable way right from the start. Our suggestion is to use only web-based cloud solutions and not to install an old-school server solution in the office. That ensures flexible operation independent of the location and does not require large investments. Commissioning of could services is also very quick and easy. 

Our solution Cloud Service for Entrepreneur ensures all the applications required for daily operations:

  • a secure operation system and an office package in the computer;
  • secure server services and document management;
  • secure collaboration and document sharing with partners;
  • communication platform and user support by the specialists of Primend.

Support and consultation by the service provider may seem unnecessary at first, as all the services are already in the cloud. Our experience shows that even a starting company needs a good partner with whom to discuss IT topics and the structure of business processes. It is particularly important at the very beginning, as most of the time is required for the development of the company, sale of services, meetings, recruitment, and there is no time for focusing on IT topics. Daily support is also required for using various services, e.g. synchronisation, use of Office apps, printing, ordering of licenses, setting up services. A good IT partner helps to solve all such problems.

Why Cloud Service for Entrepreneur?

No server at the office or Primend Cloud is required
  • It is no longer necessary to maintain or purchase server hardware
  • Individual server licenses are no longer required, all are covered by the Microsoft 365 package
  • It is no longer necessary to perform regular updates; those are performed by the service provider at the background
  • A backup device, software, monitoring or checking are no longer required
Simplifies building of a network at the client’s locations, regular Internet is enough
The user has access from anywhere via their own computer and account, without VPN means
The computer shall always have the latest version of Windows 10 operation system, including security updates and virus protection
A possibility for immediate implementation of various cloud services of Microsoft
  • Exchange Online - email, calendar, address book
  • SharePoint Online - document library and intranet
  • OneDrive for Business – synchronization of personal work documents to the cloud
  • Microsoft Teams – video calls, meetings and chat
  • Office 365 - Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
A possibility to use several security measures
  • Multi Factor Authentication
    Enables access to the services of Office 365 also outside the internal network of the company.
  • Advance Threat Protection
    A check of e-mail attachments and links in order to avoid viruses and leaking of passwords.
  • Data Loss Protection
    Blocks leaking of personal and credit card information by e-mail
  • Mobile Device Management
    Information about smart devices visible in Office 365 environment, provides a possibility to switch on password requirement and delete the memory of a phone in the event of theft or loss.
  • PIN for smart devices
    Provides a possibility to switch on basic PIN prompt on a smart device if the user uses the business applications and information of the company through a smart device.

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