It is a simple fact that to improve results you must manage performance. But how can you manage performance when reports like the balance sheet and P&L statement are based on results? As chips become ever more powerful and cheap, it is becoming easier to generate data on every activity and every step in a workflow. We are living in a dream-come-true era in terms of the scientific management of work and productivity. 

This infrastructure of universal data collection, analysis and performance reporting is called Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0. You can call it whatever you want, but the fact is that for many companies, data collection and analysis is a difficult task that requires assistance from more experienced business analysts and data scientists. 

Primend uses proven and secure Azure infrastructure services to build data collection, transformation and analysis systems and Power BI to present analysis reports. Azure IoT Hub is a powerful data collection and device configuration service that can collect data in MQTT and AMQP formats and update machine learning models in IoT Edge devices. Data storage and databases in Azure provide reliable and scalable services to store, clean, organise and analyse data. The Power BI service has a beautiful and functional dashboard to present performance data on a PC and in a mobile device.

Primend specialists have experience in configuring Azure services and analysing data using Big Data and AI systems. Our specialists can configure Power BI reports and assist decision makers in creating report visuals that best describe KPI achievements.

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