Webinar | How to grow your business with Microsoft Commercial Marketplace?

Who? Motheshim Ali Adil
When? 31.05.2022 10:00:00
Where? Primend

Microsoft Commercial Marketplace is one of fastest growing digital sales channels. Learn why you should publish your app in Marketplace to gain visibility in other markets and gain new customers. Join our digital event on May 31st starting 10.00 and get familiarized with the benefits of transactable app publishing. Value proposition – what’s in it for me?

  • Sales cooperation

           o    Direct Microsoft seller connection
           o    Reseller channel
           o    Web/Marketplace

  • Go To Market cooperation

           o    Leads Generation
           o    Marketing (PR, case study…)
           o    Technology cooperation
           o    Envisioning Workshop
           o    Migration Assessment, PoC

  • Knowledge transfer and tech skills

           o    Digital, myLearn, Solution Workspace
           o    Trainings and Certifications
           o    Product Licenses (incl. Visual Studio, Azure Credit)
           o    Support Services (break/fix)



Motheshim Ali Adil

Microsoft Startup Program Manager

Baltics & Balkans 

Value proposition – what’s in it for me?

Technology cooperation

  • Envisioning Workshop
  • Migration Assessment


Knowledge transfer and tech skills

  • Digital, myLearn, Solution Workspace
  • Trainings and Certifications


Reduce R/D cost, Access to cloud platform in over 120 DCs (PL and GR announced)

  • Product Licenses (incl. Visual Studio, Azure Credit
  • Support Services


Go To Market cooperation

  • Leads Generation
  • Marketing


Sales cooperation

  • Direct Microsoft seller connection
  • Reseller channel
  • Web/Marketplace


Microsoft Commercial Marketplace has 4 million monthly active shoppers. By 2025 the revenue is going to be over 5 billion dollars. Commerical Marketplace also has over 90000 CSPs (Communication Services Provider) and 15000 field sellers. Using the Commercial Marketplace you get access to 141 different regions of clients. Additional features are for example the use of many different currencies, tax management and fast payouts. The transaction fee for using the Commercial Marketplace is only 3%.
The Marketplace gives away different Rewards: The more you engage, the more you get back. This creates a stronger customer experience results in wider benefits for all. Partners earn 9,58€ for every 1€ of Microsoft revenue.