Meeting room solution support

*for Teams Rooms devices

Continuous support activities:

  • Automatic update set-ups for operation systems and Teams app.
  • Manual monthly/quarterly version updates of additional devices (cameras, speakers, microphones):
                         Jabra Direct
                        Logitech Sync
                         And other devices
  • Device backround image customization based on the company's needs.
  • Training the customer-side contact to quickly identify errors and to eliminate the problem.
  • Configuration of automatic device restarts.

Dealing with running errors:

  • Quick instruction over the phone to get the device working.
  • Error detection and solution via remote management (TeamViewer).
  • Identifying the error through Microsoft Teams Admin Centre and solving it.
  • On-site support to get the device working.

Prerequisites for providing the service:

  • 365 admin rights or atleast Teams admin rights are required.
  • TeamViewer will be installed on the device (the password is stored in IT Glue).


Price: 17€/+VAT (per month)

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