Cyber-attack simulation

Cyber-attack simulation

Cyberattack simulation allows you to launch realistic attack scenarios that help identify and locate vulnerable users before a real attack impacts your entire organization. For optimal results, we conduct attack simulations along with cybersecurity training, following these steps:

  • 1st Cyberattack Simulation 
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • 2nd Cyberattack Simulation

By combining attack simulation and training, the result is a mapping of users who need more attention, ensuring that the weakest links are addressed and excluded.

The simulation tests the security measures with the help of various user-aimed techniques, including:

  • Getting identification information: the attacker sends a message including a URL directing users to a website (often a well-known brand). The goal is to steal sensitive information.
  • Malware attachment: the attacker sends the recipient a message with an attachment that, once opened, executes a random code on the user’s device, so that the attacker can dig even deeper in the company network.
  • Attached link: a hybrid message where the attacker sends an e-mail with a URL attached.
  • Malware link: the attacker sends a message containing a link to a file sharing site known by the user (e.g., SharePoint Online or Dropbox). Clicking on the link releases a random code that enables the attacker to infiltrate into the network of the company.
  • Drive-by-URL: the attacker sends a message containing a URL that, once clicked, takes to a web page that in turn attempts to execute a background code to collect information about the recipient or launch a random malicious code in their device.

A prerequisite of the simulation is existing license of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (Plan2).
It is possible to acquire one just for the simulation period, which is 1 month. 
During the simulation, relevant settings are done in the Microsoft 365 environment, and the simulation is run for 1 month, after which a report is created.


Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (Plan2): €5 per user for 1 month
Setup of service and report of results: €1200

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