Microsoft 365 Security

While consuming cloud services, it is vital that all security measures are in place. Otherwise, it poses serious threats to organizations, such as taking over an e-mail address, stealing personal data and trade secrets, or even taking control of the entire organization's infrastructure and business. 

These objectives can be achieved through the following services:

M365 Security Monitoring

First we collect information and analyze cloud settings.

Short summary of current situation, giving an overview of: 
  • How vulnerable to attack is the organizations cloud environment
  • Drawing attention to critical shortcomings
  • Top 5 Security Score problem and their solutions
  • For better configuration making changes that can be implemented in the current environment without additional costs


Strengthen Exchange Online

Exchange Online is a Microsoft Cloud version of the popular Microsoft Exchange Server that provides email, calendar, and contact management services to millions of business users in the public cloud.

We will check the following points:
  • Exchange Online sign-in policies
  • Access e-mail via internet browser
  • Exchange defense policies
  • Email spoofing, anti-phishing and reporting
  • Mobile devices access to organizational data
  • General security settings that affect Exchange Online security

M365 Security Monitoring

To avoid potential damage, you need to monitor your cloud environment.

The monitoring service includes the following functionality:
  • Configuring critical security use cases
  • Acceptance of Microsoft 365 logs and correlation
  • Incident reporting to customer's e-mail
  • Monitoring platform management and health checks 
  • Log sources, connectors control and monitoring 
  • Alerts policies check and updates
  • Additional client specific security use cases
  • Initial alarms analysis and removal of false positives
  • Incident management service and client communication
  • Monthly reports and monthly incidents analysis

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