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Primend is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016 in Estonia

Primend is 2016 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Estonia. It is the second time Primend has been awarded, making it the first time in Estonia that a company has been named Microsoft Country Partner of the Year twice in a row.

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Practical Cloud Is About Simplicity

The more interdependent components, the more complex a system is. Legacy IT systems architectures and maintenance methods are not sustainable. Business support applications must be built on service model right from the start so that they can be scaled as business requirements change.

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Cloud Conference – Accelerated Business Transformation

Primend organizes a Cloud Conference on November 18th at Meriton Conference, where we will talk about the transformation in IT industry. Cloud services and smart devices integrate technology into every aspect of our lives and work. That makes us question if IT is even a separate industry any more.