Introductory training for Microsoft Teams

Introductory training for Microsoft Teams
Training volume: 2h 
Price: €600*

  • Trainings are recorded for subsequent viewing
  • Trainings can be conducted in the environment of the customer if desired
  • Training also includes a ‘Questions and Answers’ part 
  • The training plan is optional and can be adjusted to the needs of the company. Before the training, it is recommended to determine the exact training needs. 

Microsoft Teams training plan:

  • General recommended settings for Microsoft Teams 
  • Principles of creating teams and channels in Microsoft Teams
                               Teams and channels
                               Theme channels, posting, monitoring posts, and managing content
                               Working with documents
  • What is the difference between the Teams app and the Teams Online version 
  • Microsoft Teams chats
                               Starting a chat
                                              Managing chat text:
                                                             Marking as unread 
                                                             Copying a link, etc.
                               Adding a person to a chat, i.e., group chat
                               Adding a topic/name to a chat (for easier finding later) 
                               Addressing a particular person in a chat with several participants 
                               Starting a video/audio call or sharing the screen with chat participants
  • Microsoft Teams search
  • Microsoft Teams meetings 
                               Meeting formats
                                              Standard meeting
                                              Instant meeting
                                              Real-time event 
                               Planning a meeting 
                                              In Outlook
                                              In Teams
                                              In Teams Online
                               Changing a meeting
                               Conducting a meeting 
                                              Joining a meeting (from Outlook, Teams, Teams Online)
                                              Call (including muting a microphone, etc.)
                                              Video (including switching the camera on and off, blurring the background, etc.) 
                                              Screen sharing 
                                              Additional settings (headphones, external speakers/microphone)
                                              Opening a chat on the background of a meeting 
                                              Taking notes during a meeting 
                                              Recording a meeting, sharing a recording, etc.
                               Management of meeting content after the end of the meeting

* or as agreed

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