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M365 Premium

Every door and window can be opened. Your job is to make it as hard as possible. 

In 2021 there were about 500 000 cyber attacks in Baltics, out of which 9000 were with an impact - crypto viruses being the nastiest ones among them. 

The attacks are getting more complicated and virus protection is not enough to be safe anymore! 


Why M365 Premium? 

Endpoint Manager 

Ensures you that all your devices with access to company data, are secured exactly the same way. This in turn makes it possible to implement centralized management polices. 

Centralized polices that are vital to all your computers and users:

  • Encrypted hard drives (Bitlocker), vital in case your computers are stolen. If Bitlocker is not turned on, it is possible to access data on hard drive with an ease. 
  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), the easiest and fastest way to make organization more secure! Make sure all accounts are equipped with MFA and the routine is userfriendly. One of the main threats currently is phishing, where user passwords are stolen. With MFA hackers have no use for your passwords, unless they have access to your mobile phone.
  • OneDrive. The most common way to set-up OneDrive is have My Documents and desktop in sync with MS Cloud. This makes it easy to switch to a new computer or in case something happens to a computer, the data can be easily retrieved. 

Defender for Endpoint Business 

Bulletproof virus protection which stops viruses that free virus protection applications cannot handle. With Premium package you can make sure, that all your computers are covered with virus protection. Also, you will get real-time assessment and automated alerts if your computer's security needs improvements. 

Defender for Office 365 

E-mail and file (OneDrive; SharePoint) virus protection. E-mails are the common source for viruses. When your Defender is in place, Microsoft will make sure, that none of the infected e-mails land in your inbox. 

Conditional Access and Geoblock 

You will be the gatekeeper deciding who, how, and from where can access your company's data. For example, you can make sure that no one is able to download company data to a device, that is not managed by the company. With Geoblock you can also block access to your M365 environment from unwanted countries. 

Mobile data management 

Ensure that data is also protected in mobile devices (iOS; Android), this way your data cannot be accessed from unwanted applications. 
Keep your data and devices as secure as you can! 



Every door and window can be opened. Your job is to make it as hard as possible. 

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