Webinar | What is the cost of cloud based analytics?

Who? Toomas Mõttus
When? 03.03.2022 10:00:00
Where? Primend

In a rapidly changing world, responsiveness and flexibility play an increasingly important role. Companies need to be able to seize new opportunities on the fly and make business-critical decisions quickly. However, all this means that the data, that is needed to make decisions, needs to be easily accessable and that the necessary reports are convenient and easy to produce. The price at which the desired result is achieved also plays an important role.

In the webinar, we'll take a closer look at Power BI, which is part of Power Platform services, and ways to quickly automate business processes and repetitive activities:

  • Licensing and pricing
  • What are the possible technical limitations?
  • How to pair with Power BI with Azure Synapse?
  • How to share reports and desktops with colleagues?
  • How Power BI connects to other PowerPlatform services such as Power Apps and Power Automate?


Toomas Mõttus – Primend | CEO

I have been involved in information technology for over 20 years and am a Microsoft Certified Power Platform Specialist, Data Engineer and Data Analyst. My focus is on advising companies on new technologies and innovating in creating IT solutions that meet their business needs and requirements.

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