Raul Naarits | IT Service Manager

Forus is an Estonian company with a primary focus on establishing a secure and sustainable environment. The company operates in various sectors, including real estate management, maintenance, energy efficiency, and security and safety services.
In recent years, Forus has dedicated considerable efforts to enhancing internal processes, fostering collaborations with partners, and organizing and consolidating its infrastructure. However, the upcoming challenges revolve around internal ITSM implementation and consolidations.

The collaboration with Primend

The collaboration with Primend began a year and a half ago, aligning with Forus's objective to transform its IT management principles and organizational structure. During this period, Forus underwent significant changes, merging multiple companies into one entity. In this transformative phase, Forus sought a reliable partner, and Primend emerged as the ideal collaborator for building and consolidating joint systems.

The initial major project involved developing Microsoft's licensing plan and integrating several companies into a unified Microsoft environment. This initiative also extended to Forus Security Latvia. Subsequent tasks included the implementation and training of Microsoft services users. Concurrently, Forus continued consolidating servers and server services into a data center, resulting in the removal of two server cabinets and a substantial enhancement in backup quality.

Outsourcing IT services has proven advantageous for Forus, offering cost reduction, optimization, and a more comprehensive service compared to maintaining an in-house IT team. Emphasizing the separation of services and software as distinct products enhances flexibility, simplifies exchanges, and facilitates rapid adaptation to economic fluctuations. The increased flexibility and independence of the IT department contribute to smoother business operations.

What has changed?

  • Significant changes resulting from the collaboration include:
  • A near 90-point increase in user support satisfaction measured by the NPS score.
  • Activities aimed at optimization have markedly reduced helpdesk hours and breakdowns.
  • IT consulting has broadened the perspectives of both Forus and Primend.
  • The establishment of a single help desk partner covering the entire Baltic region has streamlined support services.

The collaboration has proven not only effective but also mutually beneficial. Primend's proactivity and constant commitment to simplifying processes have played a pivotal role in the success of the partnership. Presently, communication between Forus and Primend is excellent, reflecting a relationship characterized by mutual respect and cooperation.