User support service

The user support service of Primend has been designed for companies of any size. The purpose of the service is to provide quick and high-quality IT support to clients both by phone and e-mail. User requests are received by trained specialists who are ready to solve most of the concerns immediately, during the first contact. The technical team of Primend is large enough to provide quick support and good customer service.

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User support service description

The purpose of user support service is to eliminate errors occurring in the maintained IT equipment and advise the users in matters related to improvement of the information system. Maintenance is focused on the reliability of the IT infrastructure, prevention of IT problems, advising of the user, timely and quick solution of problems, advice on improvement possibilities of the information system and stability of operations through high-quality support service for the information system.

User support service

Key words for user support service

  • One contact point for the user in all IT technical matters
  • Recording of all the contacts and operations in a centralised register
  • Communication with third parties (Internet, accounting software, production software partners)
  • Administration and support for the operation system installed in the workstations (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Installation of security patches for Windows in centralised manner (operation system updates, security updates, virus protection update)
  • Installation and support of consumer software used by the client (Smart-ID, Java, Adobe)
  • Installation, administration and support of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams)
  • Support for Office365 web services (Exchange online, OWA, SharePoint online, OneDrive for Business)
  • Management (creation, removal, configuration) of Office 365/Microsoft 365 users, groups, lists. 
  • Instruction on the use and setup of smart devices (MS Office: Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams; FortiToken; MS Authenticator; DigiDoc)
  • Keeping an inventory of IT equipment with centralised management
  • Organisation of printer maintenance
  • VPN support set up in computers
  • Organisation of exchange of equipment under warranty
  • Installation and setup of new or exchanged computer equipment (1 to 2 sets per month)
  • Moving of the administered computers and other IT equipment from one location to another (1 to 2 sets per month)
  • Advising the users on better use of computing equipment
  • Centralised renewal and administration of workstations
  • On-site support if it is not possible to solve the problem by remote administration
  • Remote administration and instructing of users through the Teamviewer solution
  • Phone consultation
  • Disposal and utilisation of old equipment

In addition to user support, we offer the following to the contact persons and/or management of a company:

  • IT development suggestions as required, but not less frequently than once a year
  • Regular meetings where we look through the content of user contacts and user feedback to the service
  • Customer account manager
  • Microsoft licensing consultation 

Primend ensures a response to a fault message during working hours according to the following categories:

  • Within 2 hours if at least one business critical service operating on the device of the user is not functioning
  • Within 4 hours if at least one service operating on the device of the user is not functioning
  • Within 8 hours if the workstation or another not business critical service is not functioning
  • Within 24 hours if there is a matter related to user which does not require immediate response

Pricing of the service

We offer the service for a fixed monthly fee and it includes all the tasks described above that are related to IT administration services and solution of IT problems of users.


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