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Ingrīda Burgmeistare | Business Support Manager

Clients of Primend represent a wide range of industries, and each of these businesses is served with an individualized approach. We are committed to improving the quality of daily business processes and further growth for our clients. Thus, we carefully delve into the specifics and needs of each and every company – so that we can provide the most appropriate set of IT services, ensuring the greatest value possible.

One of the most important priorities for the law firm Vilgerts is data protection. Therefore, when starting the cooperation, one of our first tasks was to improve the security of the networks, along with replacing the firewall, implementing centrally managed anti-virus programs and making sure that only authorized persons can connect to the network. Multi-factor authentication was also introduced to prevent password fishing attacks and to significantly reduce other cyber threat risks. And last but not least, we are currently working on data encryption, to protect computer hard drives.

The two companies began their cooperation in December 2021 – at the time when Vilgerts was planning to move to new office premises. That required an extensive work on organizing and optimizing IT infrastructure. Previously, it was rather fragmented, raising considerable difficulties with the day-to-day IT processes. Licenses were purchased from one supplier, cloud services from another, using yet another partner for IT support. As a result, employees were often confused, which partner to contact for getting the necessary help in each specific problem. We undertook the responsibility of all IT processes, becoming the only IT service provider, thus providing a unified, comprehensive and systematic IT infrastructure management.

We implemented a new network infrastructure and Wi-Fi connection in the new company office. Moreover, we carried out a detailed assessment and inventory of the infrastructure, bringing clarity and order in the inventory of IT equipment.

Furthermore, we reorganized the subscription of licenses, optimizing the costs. Our experts chose Microsoft Business Premium licenses as the most financially beneficial solution. It contains all the necessary products, avoiding excessive spending.

We also created a backup system to ensure the safety of important data and documents. Before the cooperation with Primend, Vilgerts was provided with a 90-day back-up service. Currently, backups of company documents, e-mails and other data are stored permanently.

Previously, all the IT related problems were reported through one contact person of Vilgerts. That was inconvenient and inefficient for all parties involved. Currently, employees turn directly to our helpdesk, getting the help they need much quicker. We also introduced a specialized program for computer management, which allows careful monitoring and prompt assessment of the wear and tear of computer equipment and its need for updates. Employees no longer need to make vague assumptions about the state and cause of the problems. All of them are being solved promptly and centrally by the highly qualified professionals of our team.

In a foreseeable future, it is planned to develop and implement an intranet, adapted to the specific needs of Vilgerts. Some of the next steps are also to modernize the submission of expense reports and to introduce the electronic signatures for remote work. Since the volume of documents of the law office is constantly increasing (number of files currently exceeding 250,000), the structure of the document library has to be effectively reorganized, ensuring convenient and prompt file search.

The law firm Vilgerts has been providing legal services since 2008, paying the greatest attention to individual approach, quality and speed. Cooperation with Primend, reliable and professional IT partner, supports Vilgerts in providing excellent customer service to its clients.