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Primend Cloud 2.0

In order to offer customers new technologies and an even more comprehensive service, Primend decided to create a new cloud platform, Primend Cloud 2.0.

The first cloud platformThe first cloud platform, Primend Cloud 1.0, which has become popular among clients, was created 10 years ago. To provide clients with new technologies and an even broader range of services, Primend decided to create a new cloud platform, Primend Cloud 2.0. The new Primend Cloud is based on Nutanix technology.

By transitioning to the new cloud platform, we are able to offer an even more reliable hybrid cloud, or a three-location solution, which means that server centers and off-site backup solutions are located in different places. Levira and Greenergy Data Centers have been chosen as the server hosting service providers.

Primend Cloud 1.0 is based on HPE SimpliVity and Primend Cloud 2.0 is based on Nutanix technology. Both are innovative hyperconvergence technologies that offer very high SLA, fast disk space (Flash, NVMe storage) for running systems, flexibility in building and hosting systems, and very fast restoration from backup. We can provide a fast and reliable hosting environment for most legacy and modern applications and databases.

With the Primend 2.0 solution, we offer new services. By listening to our customers and keeping abreast of what is happening in the world, we know that IT security and continuity have become extremely important. If earlier a server and local backup was enough, today it is different. With Primend Cloud and public cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.), or hybrid cloud solution, it is possible to configure a dual data center solution, where in the event of one failure, systems are launched from the other data center. Additionally, we can distribute server services among different cloud services and back up virtual servers both locally and outside of data centers.

The advantages of Primend's cloud services over competing cloud service providers:

Active/passive solution

An active-passive solution is a two-location solution. The disaster recovery solution between Primend Cloud and public cloud means that if the primary site goes down, all server services are launched from the secondary site.

Active/Active hybrid cloud solution

An active-active solution between Primend Cloud and a public cloud means that the systems work in sync between both clouds. This solution is intended for very business-critical services with high SLA.

Three-point backup service

Primend Cloud's primary first-tier backup takes place inside the Nutanix Cluster, which provides extremely fast recovery options in the event of an incident (regardless of server size, we can restore a server in minutes). Every night, a local backup is also performed from the servers within the same data center. At the customer's request, it is also possible to order off-site, i.e. backup outside the data center, which is performed outside the data center to a third environment, for example Primend backup environment (Estonia and/or Holland), Azure, Amazon, local data array at the customer.

Kubernetes support

Nutanix helps further simplify Kubernetes operations and management through the Nutanix Kubernetes Engine. Deploy and configure production-ready Kubernetes clusters with Nutanix Kubernetes Engine.

Pay-as-you-go payment model

Primend Cloud offers flexible services, which means you pay exactly for the resources, licenses and other services you consume. It is not necessary to sign a long-term binding contract to use the service, but you can start and stop the service whenever you want.

Super-fast restore from backup

In Primend Cloud, all servers are backed up at the virtual server level, and in the standard solution, the 14 most recent copies of the backups are kept. Thanks to the hyperconverged solution, we can recover regardless of the size of the server in minutes. This ensures minimal server downtime in the event of an incident.

All data center hardware and internet connections are duplicated

In Primend Cloud, all hardware is duplicated. This means that if a hardware component fails, the systems will continue to function. In addition, the Internet connection is duplicated in both Primend Clouds, which means that if the connection is interrupted, the other connection takes over within milliseconds.

Based on Primend's experience, we know that it is more logical for the customer to rent server resources from the service provider, rather than to purchase new physical servers, economically and to ensure better functioning of IT functionality. According to the leased resource, the subscriber can decide, in cooperation with Primend specialists, how many virtual servers (or server resources) and licenses are needed for the operation of the company's services. Our goal is to provide the customer with an optimal solution, where they are paid exactly for the used resource.

Virtual servers are clustered to avoid system downtime in case of hardware failure, and their resource can be increased dynamically. In Primendi's hosting environment, all hardware, including the Internet connection, is duplicated to ensure a high-performance environment for the customer.

All virtual servers are backed up to an environment suitable for the customer's solution. Also, if necessary, servers can be backed up from Primend Cloud to a third environment, such as Primend's backup environment, Azure, Amazon, local Back-up, etc. If you wish, we can offer a backup service to two different countries, for example Estonia and the Netherlands.

Primend cloud 2.0

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