Backup for Servers

Primend Cloud Backup

Backup service for servers based on VEEAM technology

What is Veeam Cloud Connect off-site backup service?

This solution makes it possible to back up both physical servers and virtual servers. Servers may be located in the server room of a client, in Primend Cloud or hosted by a third party. The backup period may be set up for a client as desired (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.). The setup of backup is simple and recovery is quick.

Advantages of Veeam Cloud Connect service:

  • Backup at an external service provider

Primend offers backup service from your data centre to Primend Cloud or Microsoft Azure environment. The data are zipped with Veeam technology in order to reduce the stored volume. Primend is responsible for the operation of service, monitors the backup and volumes, and restores if necessary.

  • Quick recovery

If there is a need for recovery, it can be done quickly. Recovery can be based on a virtual server or file-based.

  • Modern backup technology

The newest Veeam technology includes the WAN Acceleration technology the advantages of which are minimum network traffic during backup and no additional investments required in order to increase the network speed. The connection is created securely over Internet, using a certain TCP port protected by SSL encryption. Does not require VPN.

  • Fully encrypted data exchange

Data is encrypted at the origin already before it gets out of your network. The data will be encrypted throughout the backup route and also at the destination, i.e. in Primend Cloud or Microsoft Azure environment.

  • A flexible licensing model

In order to use the service it is not necessary to purchase licenses or hardware. All the service is server- and volume-based and you pay only for what you actually use.

The convenient and optimum off-site backup is supported by third-party producers. Primend has selected the VEEAM technology as a solution for off-site backup. Based on our use experience, this solution is the easiest to use, with the quickest recovery and one of the most affordable ones. 

How is Veeam Cloud Connect licensed and priced?

Pricing is server-based plus the data volume backed up in the Azure data centre. The licensed quantities may be changed when needed and the monthly fee is calculated on a monthly basis:

  •  Veeam backup software license 10€ per virtual server
  •  Primend Cloud or Azure Blob 1TB - 40€ per month
  •  Monitoring and management of the backup service – 100€ 
  • The fee for the initial setup of the service is negotiable
  • Restoring data from a backup is done on an hourly basis

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