Advanced training for Microsoft Teams

Advanced training for Microsoft Teams
Training volume: 2h 
Price: €600*

* or as agreed

  • Trainings are recorded for subsequent viewing
  • Trainings can be conducted in the environment of the customer if desired
  • Training also includes a ‘Questions and Answers’ part 
  • The training plan is optional and can be adjusted to the needs of the company. Before the training, it is recommended to determine the exact training needs. 

Microsoft Teams training plan:

  • Detailed overview of Microsoft Teams settings and personalization options 
    • Notification settings in Teams 
  • Good practices and recommendations for management of teams and channels in Microsoft Teams:
    • Strategy for creating channels 
    • Copying of channels  
    • Rights and notifications for channels  
    • Private channels 
    • Adding external users  
    • Sending e-mails to channels  
    • Ordering of groups / marking of favourite channels 
    • Archiving policy 
  • Microsoft Teams meetings
    • Settings 
    • Raising a hand and other emojis
    • How to create a video background 
  • Teams Live meeting (for trainings, briefings and webinars
    • What is Teams Live Meeting? 
    • Overview of the possibilities of Teams Live Meeting 
    • How to organise workshops properly? 
  • Tips and tricks for making using Microsoft Teams more convenient and fun  
    • Forms – feedback and tests 
    • Planner – task management 
    • Lists – e.g., inventory list 
    • Praising a colleague  
    • Polly – quick polls  
    • Use insights of own groups 
    • Keyboard shortcuts 
    • Quick commands 
    • Translating a chat


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