Network solution as a service

An agile, optimum and secure network solution

A secure and quick network solution that operates unnoticed at the background is the foundation for seamless work procedures of a company. Secure access to critical business information must be ensured at all times. If a couple of years ago a prerequisite of a high-quality IT infrastructure was a considerable investment, the fast changing times require a more flexible and service-based approach.  

Primend offers an agile and optimised network service on a monthly basis to help you avoid large IT expenses. We provide most of our services in flexible manner, based on users, services or on a monthly basis. Now our portfolio also includes a network service with equipment and administration service.  

Up-to-date equipment to ensure network connectivity 

The structure of our network solution service includes all the required firewalls, switches and WiFi equipment with cloud-based administration software. 

The network solution service set does not include Internet connection and a modem/router provided by the Internet service provider (if necessary, we can offer you a full solution in partnership with Elisa Eesti). 

Secure and monitored network connection 

After the installation and setup of the equipment, Primend takes the whole solution under its caring support.  

Primend support services to the network solution administration service 

  • 24/7 monitoring of the equipment and the agreed services; 
  • response to the monitoring notifications within the agreed SLA; 
  • equipment software updates; 
  • backup of the equipment configuration; 
  • setup of user accesses for remote work; 
  • replacement of equipment in the event of a fault. 

 Primend ensures a response to a fault message during working hours according to the following categories(SLA) 

  • Within 1 hour – INCIDENT – if at least one business critical service operating on the network equipment is not functioning 
  • Within 4 hours – PROBLEM – if a service that is not business critical operating on the network equipment is not functioning 

According to the requirements of our client, we create a network solution, select the equipment, set up the cable and WiFi network both for employees and guest users. We monitor the equipment and services, set up accesses, install the security and software updates of the producer, back up the configurations of the equipment and replace the equipment in the event of faults. 

Sample offer for the client, with 40 to 50 employees in one location: 

  • firewall Fortigate FG60F 
  • 2x 24-port Switches 
  • 4x WiFi access points 

TOTAL 165€ per month 

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