Corporate Responsibility

Primend’s people are driven by four core values and these values dictate the way we work, the way we provide our services, and they truly reflect who we are:

  • Together is better
  • Development inspires
  • The best dare to differ
  • We help you to fly

These four values create four core pillars for our commitment to corporate responsibility to stand on: Environment, Education, Health, and Innovation. 
From the very beginning Primend’s goal has been to improve the quality of life of our people, our clients and the communities where were we operate, thus the initiative Primend For was established.

We educate and help our clients to minimize digital waste and help them on their journey on working in paperless offices and how to minimize digital waste. 

Education is a part of every primendians DNA, it is a promise made during recruitment process, and is daily part of our lives. We are cooperating with different schools offering intern and mentoring programs. We are constantly educating our clients on new technologies available that helps them to make more responsible decisions and diminish their environmental footprint.

We are actively promoting healthy lifestyle and providing the tools for our people to experience over all well-being and leading a happier life. We are supporting several sports activities and offer our people the possibility to access sports related activities. In the light of recent global events, mental health has become a vital and important topic. We are providing mindfulness programs to improve the quality and well-being of our people.

Helping companies in digital transformation is our core business. Innovation is what thrives us and helps to generate value for our customers. Thru technology and cloud solution we provide our customers with innovative tools in their pursuit towards more sustainable future.