Microsoft Teams Premium: Boosting productivity with AI-powered meetings

Author: Time: 10.05.2023

Optimizing IT investments and improving employee productivity is a top priority for many businesses. Modern tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) hold the promise to fundamentally change the way we work.

Work smarter with Teams Premium 

Microsoft has launched Teams Premium which is now generally available with more than 400 new features and improvements. The new version brings together the latest technologies to make business meetings more intelligent, personalized, and protected. Teams Premium is an all-in-one platform powered by AI meeting capabilities for increased productivity, consolidation of software investments, and cost reduction. 

Teams Premium is infused with AI throughout the meeting experience, enabling users to be more productive in new ways. With the intelligent recap feature, users get automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to help them focus on the information most important to them, even if they miss the meeting. The AI-generated chapters divide the meeting into sections, allowing users to pick and choose the content most relevant to them. For example, personalized timeline markers call out when users join or leave a meeting in the recording, and the upcoming speaker timeline markers will show who spoke and when, allowing users to jump to that moment.

Microsoft Teams Premium also offers live translations in 40 spoken languages, saving many organizations for additional real-time meeting translation services.
Personalized branding and customization options provide an extra level of professionalism and personalization, for example organization backgrounds.

Teams Premium is also provided with advanced meeting protection, for example, you can easily upgrade safeguards for confidential business meetings without hampering the meeting experience. New meeting options, like watermarking to deter leaks and limiting who can record, give you additional protections to keep the discussion private. For extremely sensitive meetings that require disabling some of the core meeting features for an advanced encryption option, IT-enabled users can apply E2EE encryption option to the meeting. 

All in all, Microsoft Teams Premium is a fantastic tool, that supports the work smarter, not harder mentality. Teams Premium provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to optimize IT investments, save a lot of time on meetings’ administrative tasks, and re-energize employees to achieve business results that help users to focus on what matters.

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