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Managed Hosting for Critical Applications

Public cloud offerings like Microsoft 365/Office 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace and others provide great functionality and availability for standard business processes. But applications that provide competitive advantage by enabling unique business workflows often do not have this kind of universal support. How to enable high levels of performance, security, and availability for these critical business applications?

What applications are business critical?

Information Technology has changed every part of our lives. It has multiplied the number of our casual friends through social networks, brought information on every subject to our fingertips and has automated business processes to the level unseen by previous generations.

Businesses use information technology to automate repeatable tasks efficiently and reliably. That way employees can concentrate on value-added tasks that require flexibility and initiative. Some processes have been automated to the level that without IT support it is not even feasible to conduct those processes. This is the reason why lost productivity of employees due to interruptions caused by system malfunctions, security breaches and lost data, is usually the biggest risk associated with IT.
Businesses need efficient and secure environments for business-critical applications to provide consistent process support for all employees. They need an environment that follows practice in system architecture, support processes and project execution. How do you enable a system that is sustainable, efficient, and secure? You need Primend Cloud to support those critical applications!

Outsource and concentrate on value-add

Every company has been established to provide distinct value to their target market. People in those companies have spent countless hours perfecting the products and services offered. Hard truth in this is that successful are only those companies that have the perfect combination to their target market. The more time management spends on support activities daily running of IT systems, the less time they have for their own customers and may be left behind in the race for market domination.

Improve user satisfaction with optimal performance

Entering data into databases is not usually the activity that adds value the most. It is instead interacting with customers or creating a product for sales. The less time your people must spend conducting mundane tasks the better their performance and the higher your value to your customers. When your people can be sure that systems work well wherever they are and whenever they perform their tasks, the more they can concentrate on value-added activities.

Achieve Results Faster

Building all systems in-house has several disadvantages. The most visible part to everyone is time lost in implementation processes as doing something for the first time requires long process of acquiring knowledge. The visible part on income statement is up-front cost for preparing, setting up and implementing a solution that may even not be relevant the next year. In-house servers may seem more affordable on paper when you do not consider time value of money, consumed electricity and lost time of building client facing products and services.

Move towards greener world

Energy prices are spiking, and efficiencies achieved by Data Center providers can offer relief and stability in turbulent times. Data Centres not only achieve efficiencies on equipment, but also on energy consumption and on effort required to maintain systems and update software. These efficiencies can be used for improving reliability and security, and consuming less resources helps us to achieve our green targets.

Research conducted by Microsoft found that cloud data centres provide up to 93% per cent energy efficiency compared to traditional server room solutions. And Microsoft's own cloud provides up to 98% per cent smaller carbon footprint than traditional data centres.

Combining Microsoft services for standard applications and Primend Cloud for custom critical applications, businesses achieve higher efficiencies with better performance and security while consuming less resources.

Grow faster with flexibility

Keeping IT systems in cloud makes it possible to use large amounts of data, reduce total cost of ownership and make systems flexible to business changes. And consolidating a large number of servers into one data centre has significantly lower environmental impact per server than keeping all those servers in offices.

Primend Cloud Managed Hosting Description

The Internet has brought information to everyone’s fingertips. People have used IT systems that provide 24/7 continuous uptime and fast response time. Users expect on-demand access to IT systems and compare the speed of systems to public consumer services like Google and Facebook. Every downtime causes annoyance and a threat to the business continuity. Offering high availability services from own local infrastructure is not cost efficient and most companies do not have a high availability data centre. 
Primend continuously invests in equipment, know-how and work processes, which ensure high availability, error resistance and fast response to any service disruption. 

Data availability service level is 99.99% 

Primend specialists are trained and experienced. Our clients vary from small companies to big enterprises. They all benefit from our skills in building efficient scalable high-availability systems.
Main components of managed cloud service

Hosting of virtual machines and applications in high-availability infrastructure

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • System monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • DNS, security and compliance management
  • Specialised database management: MySQL, MS SQL
  • Team productivity services (Exchange, Teams, SharePoint)
  • Flexible licensing conditions (Microsoft SPLA licensing)

Primend Cloud service advantages

  • Virtual server and/or application implementation is in minutes
  • Storage contains Flash disks to provide supper fast read/write speed
  • Recovery of the virtual machines is super fast thanks to HP SimpliVity scale-out technology
  • Flexible monthly based payment for Microsoft licensing (SPLA)
  • Migration from existing environment to Primend Cloud is free of charge

Based on Primend experience and know-how, we are confident that it is economical and reasonable from a functional point of view to rent servers/buy services from a service provider instead of buying or renting physical servers. A Primend specialist can provide decision support in evaluating how many virtual servers, licenses, etc. are required to run services at the required response level. As a result, our clients pay only for the resources actually required and do not have to rent or buy hardware.

Virtual servers are deployed in a scale-out cluster to prevent downtime in the event of physical failure. Server farm disk space is physically distributed to provide a high level of redundancy. Disk space is logically unified so that every data write is automatically written into two separate storage nodes at once. Every storage node contains Flash and SSD disks to provide low read/write latency and SAS disks for capacity. Data is automatically tiered between disk types based on how often the data is used. All datacentre cluster components (switched, routers, uplinks) are deployed in at least double configuration to avoid downtime in case of the failure of any hardware component. 

All virtual servers can be backed up to a cloud service of the client’s choice (Azure, Amazon, local cluster, etc.). We can also offer backup to two separate physical locations.


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