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Primend Cloud

PrimendCloud is your choice if public cloud is too far or too big. Some workloads just need a little more privacy and care.

Mobile Workforce Needs Cloud Services

Modern workforce is mobile. That means that more and more of work gets done outside of office. That means that business critical data has to be secure and accessible even for those who are not in the office.

Cloud services are accessible from office and in the field. And you can dynamically add performance to cloud services as your business grows. Primend provides private cloud environment for your business critical applications that still have to be near you or just are not ready for public cloud yet.

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Introduction to Primend Cloud

Internet has brought information to your fingertips. Everyone is used to fast 24×7 IT solutions. Users want access to company’s IT services when they need it compares all services offered by an IT department to those offered by Google, Facebook and other global providers. Every downtime causes a disruption that may affect company profitability. It is very costly to build high availbality IT services on local hardware due to the requirements to have failover sites and to maintain complicated network configurations that support high availability. In a long run it is reasonable and more sustainable to build business process support services on cloud technologies.

Primend invests continuously into contemporary hardware, Software and maintenance process that ensure high availability, fault resistance and fast response to every incident.