Arturs Sausins | Board member

Mapri is a construction company that has been operating in the Estonian market for almost 20 years, and has a subsidiary in Latvia since 2014. It provides project-based general construction services, agricultural construction services and services in concrete works across Estonia and Latvia. Being located in both of these countries is not the only common feature thar Mapri and Primend share. The two companies also have similar growth rates and values.

Primend specialists take care of vast range of IT issues, arising in Mapri – from daily support to development of specific IT projects. The company’s IT infrastructure has been organized and optimized, to ensure security, efficiency and innovative approach. You may wonder what is the key element to this success story, reached in a relatively short period of time?

Mapri cooperation with Primend had just begun when the world was unexpectedly shaken by the global pandemic Covid-19. The complicated circumstances made the usual introduction phase a bit more difficult and, thus, created some challenges also in the process of providing services. As a solution, all the key issues were identified, IT network infrastructure was adjusted, cloud services were implemented, and inventory and maintenance were performed. And once again, it become clear that even seemingly small details and activities can be of a great value – for example, Primend help desk phone number being attached to the computers of Mapri employees led to a more effective communication, providing a chance to inform about urgent problems promptly.

One of the largest projects was the implementation of SharePoint platform. It is a file storage and collaboration environment that significantly simplifies the company’s day-to-day processes. A valuable advantage of SharePoint is the company’s intranet site TABLOO. Such an internal communication platform is crucial for Mapri employees. The administration team very rarely meets in person with those working on construction sites, so mostly digital communication is used to unite and connect the team. With this app, you can easily access all the necessary company documents, important reports, staff news, contact information for all employees, a birthday calendar, etc. The scheduling system for vacations and business trips allows easy and quick dealing with relevant formalities and details, for all involved parties. IT automation tools implemented for the company’s business projects ensure that they are automatically documented according to coherent terms, content and style.

The main goal of Mapri is to ensure the quality and reliability of the services provided to its customers. This means that the company’s daily work and business processes must run as smooth as possible. Cooperation with reliable partners helps to achieve this. By providing a full range of IT services, Primend delivers its input professionally, efficiently and with an innovative approach.