Use Microsoft Teams as the phone center for your company

Author: Helen Neudorf Time: 02.02.2022

Do you need an efficient and simple solution for the phone center of your company? Microsoft has a solution!

Until March 1, 2022, the service will be called Microsoft 365 Business Voice and will then change into Teams Phone with Calling Plan.  Microsoft’s package of phone services designed for small and medium-sized companies includes Private Branch Exchange (PBX) functions, domestic call plan and audio-conferencing possibilities. 

Teams Phone with Calling Plan is an all-inclusive cloud solution by Microsoft making it easy for small and medium-sized organizations (300 people or less) to turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible phone center. Teams Phone provides the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) function and calls to a public switched telephone network (PSTN), also facilitating phone calls outside the public network. You can accept calls and call regular phone numbers in any device, which makes hybrid work easy and convenient.

Teams Phone provides two types of calling plans.

Domestic calling plan
Domestic calling plan enables users call phone numbers in their country or area. Teams Phone with Calling Plan bundle includes a domestic calling plan for every user who has been assigned a license. The number of minutes available to each user every month depends on the country or region where the user is located.

International calling plan
International calling plan enables users call numbers outside their country or area. International calling plan is available for purchase as an add-on subscription to Teams Phone. 

With Teams Phone, you can set up paid and free numbers, call menus helping the caller reach the correct department, call queues for phone numbers with high traffic, and much more. One possibility is to give individual phone numbers to employees, so they can accept their own calls. 

A complete list of the functions is available here.

Source: Microsoft