Increasing productivity with the help of Microsoft MyAnalytics

Author: Toomas Mõttus Time: 19.04.2021

Microsoft MyAnalytics brings clarity to working time related patterns 

Microsoft 365 personal productivity insights help you work smarter, analysing working time related patterns, emphasizing the time spent on focusing, personal well-being, social network and more efficient collaboration.

MyAnalytics divides the analysis of working habits into four parts:

  • Focusing
  • Well-being
  • Network
  • Collaboration

MyAnalytics can display AI-based recommendations in Outlook that help you reserve time for for focusing even before your weekly calendar fills up with meetings, keeping up with tasks and e-mail messages and communicating with people who are important for you.


The idea of analytics is to give people recommendations how to find time for important tasks and how to better organise collaboration with important colleagues. It also evaluates the division of work and rest periods to avoid burnout.

Users can manage the beginning and end of their working time

The setup of analysis begins with setting up one’s working time, so that the system could evaluate how the time spent on working, meetings and free time is divided. 



Wellbeing shows whether you worked with e-mails on a holiday and also checks whether there are activities overlapping with meetings, so that people could plan their time better and thereby reduce the potential work-related stress.


If Quiet Day becomes very small, the work load is too great or people work during holidays.

When setting up collaboration, it is possible to set the working hours of a person and how collaboration takes place in working time. 


A report shows how you have managed to focus during meetings – whether you have simultaneously sent e-mails or not, whether there are overlapping meetings, whether you join meetings on time, etc. 

Focusing time

The analysis of focusing time assesses how the time of meetings and focusing is divided. Naturally, the balance depends on the nature of work. A specialist should have a high proportion of focusing time, and for managers, the share of meeting time is probably higher. 


MyAnalytics also helps to catch up within Outlook. The Insights service analyses the content descriptions of letters and meetings and checks whether follow-up is required based on the content. Based on the analysis, Insights proposes activities that should be done. 



Network shows the people you communicate with most. A report gives insights on how quickly people respond to each other in average – how quickly your partner replies to you and how quickly you reply to your partner.


The interface enables you to tag important people, so that the system will keep an eye on your communication. 


And a report also shows the people you communicate with most outside your office hours and gives you advice on how to organise your off-work communication. 

Is it possible to analyse the work load of employees?

A report provides general statistics across people and across services, e.g. how much a person has participated in meetings, how many e-mails they received or sent, how much they participated in chats, etc., without displaying particular content in order to maintain the privacy of employees. Based on the statistics, it is possible to assess the overall workload of the person.

Inherent privacy

Only you can see your personal data and insights based on the patterns detected based on e-mail messages, meetings, phone calls and chats. MyAnalytics protects your privacy.

See the introductory video by Microsoft: