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TABLOO | Digital Expenditure Report

Author: Toomas Mõttus Time: 23.03.2021

The capability of digital expenditure report is one of the most popular modules of TABLOO intranet thanks to convenient use and a possibility to design it in a flexible manner to correspond to the business processes of a company.


TABLOO intranet has been built on the SharePoint cloud service, which is a part of Microsoft Office 365 plan. Thanks to that, the modules of the intranet can be used both in computer and smart device.

Why is an expenditure report necessary?

Occasionally it makes more sense for an employee to cover an expense and submit an expenditure report for the payment later on. Such expenses may include an item necessary for work, compensation for the purchase of glasses or a sports grant. The former paper-based procedures no longer work so well when people have a possibility to work from home, summer house or aircraft. Thus, it is necessary to adopt a more convenient solution to facilitate digital submission of expenditure reports, both from computer and phone.

What are the benefits of an electronic expenditure report?

Submission of an electronic expenditure report has several benefits, from more convenient entry to quicker processing.

If an expenditure report is submitted on paper, an employee has to fill the form, print it out, sign and submit it. Then the company’s accounting department must manually enter the data from the expenditure report into the accounting programme. And if a manager should also approve the expenditure report, processing of the paper-based expenditure report causes needless time loss. Due to all the above, the whole process is slow and requires an unreasonable amount of work.

In case of an electronic expenditure report, an employee can submit it to their manager for approval immediately after having entered the data. After approval, it shall be immediately forwarded to the accounting department. The whole procedure is quick, does not require any physical moving of papers and is thus also more convenient for all the parties.

How can an employee fill in the expenditure report?


All current web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) can be used for filling in the TABLOO expenditure report, and the reporting person can fill in all the required fields and enclose documents both from computer and a smart device. Entry of data in a smart device takes place through Microsoft PowerApp which works on iOS, Android and Windows equipment.


If required, a shortcut to the app for filling in an expenditure report can be created in Teams app, so that employees can quickly find it on their desktops.

Office 365 has a good level of support for different languages, and it is possible to display the expenditure report to employees in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and English.

What is the workflow of expenditure reporting?

In order to submit an expenditure report, an employee opens the expenditure report app in TABLOO from a mobile device or company intranet where the employee can enter the required copies of expense documents and descriptions of the expenses, and submits the expenditure report to their manager for approval.
 The manager receives an e-mail about the new expenditure report with the expense lines and expense documents. The manager can decide already in the e-mail whether to approve or reject the expenditure report. The manager can also open the expenditure report view in the expenditure report app. 

Once the manager approves the expenditure report, a notice is sent directly to the accounting department.

Audited secure workflow

TABLOO expenditure report has been built on secure Microsoft 365 services, using the services of SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerAutomate and Power BI. First, all the people related to expenditure reporting are identified, and an audit log remains for each processing step (logging must be switched on in Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager portal). 


The certified specialists of Primend support services know how to adjust the settings of expenditure reporting for the needs of every organisation:

  • project accounting
  • departments and units
  • text detection on digital documents

We can also help with setting up system security, addition of reporting features and of course any questions that arise during daily use.

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