Office 365 tools keep you productive and in control of your data Office 365 tools keep you productive and in control of your data

Office 365

Office 365 tools keep you productive and in control of your data. Office 365 provides team collaboration and video conferencing in addition to large mailbox and terabyte of file storage.

Keep Familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint Always Current

Office 365 tools contain cloud productivity services for information management and familiar desktop applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and others. Cloud services for information management include:

  • Exchange for e-mail, calendar and contacts;
  • SharePoint for document libraries and data management;
  • OneDrive for managing and synchronizing personal documents;
  • Skype for intant chat, video calls and conferencing; and
  • Power BI for business reporting

Office 365 services are flexible – there is suitable configuration of functionality and price for every organisation. Office 365 Business and Office 365 Enterprise provide functionality for organisation of every size and access to the most current versions of Office productivity suite and cloud services.
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Productivity Anywhere on Any Device

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Office 365 services work well on any device, in the office and on the go. Exchange Online is the most popular corporate e-mail service and is supported on almost any smart device. And web versions of popular Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications let you edit documents form any screen with web connectivity.

Microsoft 365 package has device management and data protection products included on top of Office 365 functionality. Compliance officers can add data retention and classification rules to documents in e-mail, Onedrive, SharePoint and file servers.

Office 365 helps to be productive even away from your desk.

Office 365 consists of familiar desktop tools like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but also of important services like Exchange Online for e-mail delivery and SharePoint for document management. Those same tools are available for mobile users on their Android, iOS and Widndows devices.

Integrated Compliance and Security Management

General Data Protection Regulations that is in effect since May 25, 2018 established strict guidelines for the protection of data subjects. Data controllers have to set rules for managing personally identifiable information and be able to provide proof of compliance.

Compliance tools integrated into Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Enterprise products provide tools for PII data discovery, retention policies, data loss prevention, reporting and case management.

Compliance Officer can use one management tool for SharePoint documents libraries, Onedrive document folders, e-mail and company chat. Primend provides Office 365 support for Data Protection Officers that need to secure company controlled data.

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Primend - Office 365 Support and Maintenance Partner

Setting up a cloud service is as easy as installing a mobile app. But it becomes pretty complicated when you have to manage authorised access to company knowledge base and documents. Or you want to secure devices people use to access company resources.

Office 365 Maintenance Support Incident Management User Support diagnostic

Primend provides on top of Office 365 support and maintenance:

  • Management of user and data access policies
  • Document automation with SharePoint workflows and document templates
  • SharePoint Communication Sites
  • Power BI reporting and ETL workflows for data warehouse
  • incidents management and security/privacy consultation
  • IT maintenance for on-premises equipment