Configuration Change in Guest access for Microsoft Teams

Author: Time: 20.01.2021

Configuration Change in Guest access for Microsoft Teams

Beginning of February 8th, 2021, we are turning on Guest access in Microsoft Teams by default for any customers who have not configured this setting. This will bring Teams Guest capability into alignment with the rest of the suite, where the setting is already on by default

Until February 2021, guest access is turned off by default. You must turn on guest access for Teams before admins or team owners can add guests. After you turn on guest access, it might take a few hours for the changes to take effect. If users see the message Contact your administrator when they try to add a guest to their team, it's likely that either guest access hasn't been turned on or the settings aren't effective yet.

After February 2021, guest access in Microsoft Teams will be turned on by default for new customers & existing customers who haven't configured this setting. When this change is implemented, if you've not already configured guest access capability in Microsoft Teams, that capability will be enabled in your tenant. If you want guest access to remain disabled for your organization, you'll need to confirm that the guest access setting is set to Off instead of Service default.

You can change this:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Teams admin center (you must have administrator privileges on your company to do this)
  • Select Org-wide settings > Guest access
  • Set Allow guest access in Microsoft Teams to On or Off