7 Reasons Why Primend Cloud

7 reasons why Primend Cloud

Reduced Cost
Establishing and running a data center is expensive. You need to purchase the right equipment and hire technicians to install and manage the center.
One of the major benefits of cloud computing is mobility. The service gives you and your employees the flexibility to work from any location.
Primend Cloud technological set-up guarantees fastest recovery time for your systems. We are able to recover large scale of servers in just minutes.
Fastest Storage
Primend Cloud offers fastest storage. Fast storage is needed for mission critical SQL database services.
Technical competency
Members of Primend’s technical team each have high technical background and are all certified specialists. All our system administrators have 10+ years of experience.
Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid cloud is mix of Primend Cloud and public Cloud services. Primend Cloud offers flexible solutions to build up securely most popular Hybrid cloud solutions.
Flexible Licensing
Primend is Microsoft SPLA partner and we can offer flexible monthly based licensing models for Server systems and end-user applications. 





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