Primend is Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020

"Our mission is to create solutions for people who want to make their businesses more successful. We want to inspire people and organizations to create successful change through knowledge. I believe that our efforts to apply the latest technology in a practical and profitable way have brought the trust of our customers and the recognition of Microsoft,” CEO Toomas Mõttus explained the formula for success.

Microsoft Partner of the Year in Estonia 2015 - 2018

 “Primend is a prime example of the expertise and innovation we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver transformative solutions.”
Ron Huddleston, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp.




Skype for Business Online retires in 6 months

Eighteen months ago, Microsoft announced the July 31, 2021 retirement of Skype for Business Online. With six months until the service ends, we’re focused on helping each of our customers upgrade to Microsoft Teams if desired and enabling more ways to come together and get things done....

TABLOO vacation planner

Every year in January, companies have busy times planning vacations. That can cause a big headache even in a small company, not to mention large companies with many employees where work is based on schedules.  Where can I find information on how to fill the holiday application? Who should I send it to now? How many holidays can I use? These questions seem familiar, right? Beginning of year and all the fuss with planning of holidays - there must be a way to ease the headache? A Microsoft toolset is here to help....

Cybersecurity Simplified: Phishing

Phishing is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable person or company in email or other electronic communication channels. A common phishing tactic is to send an email with a forged return address, so that the message appears to have originated from a legitimate source, making it more likely that the recipient will open it. ...