Coca-Cola HBC Poland & Baltics

Egils Egle | Coca Cola Company

Coca-Cola HBC Poland & Baltics is one of the largest producers of the Coca Cola Company products in the world. The company operates in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, producing and marketing drinks for approximately 46 million people. Coca-Cola HBC Poland & Baltic provides a diverse selection of drinks in categories including soft drinks, juices, water, sports and energy drinks, ice tea and coffee.

In order to improve the customer experience and optimise the process of creation and approval of contracts, it was decided to use digital solutions for complete automation of the process. 

As the company has been using the benefits of Microsoft 365 successfully already for many years, it was decided to build the new solution on the Power platform. The solution had to include a mobile app that the customer representatives could use for concluding agreements with customers based on a pre-defined sales agreement template, using only digital tools and solutions.

Based on the above prerequisites, Primend created a mobile app for signing sales agreements to be used in the Baltic countries – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. The whole process took 4 months, from the beginning of development until the first signed agreements.

The Power Apps and Power Automate solutions make it easy to add new templates or change the existing ones. The company is planning to use the same solution also in the future for increasing their operational efficiency.