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Tiit Ootsing | member of the board

Tiit Ootsing, Autorsoft, member of the board: “Thanks to moving our server into Primend Cloud, I personally have much more free time. I can dedicate my time to my work and meeting the needs of my customers. Whenever I need something, I write a request and as a rule it is completed rather quickly. The team of Primend is very helpful and reliable. Many thanks to you!”

Autorsoft business software is based on Microsoft freeware and uses MS Access databases. The programme can be used in our servers or installed in a local computer/server. A working computer with medium performance and Internet are required in order to use the programme with the server service. If the programme operates in a client’s computer, the automatic backup service provided by us is not available. If the client so desires, the programme can be set up on MS SQL, which in turn adds possibilities to align it with software programmes already in use.

Today, employees are mobile and require mobile services, as more and more work is done without stepping into the office. That, however, means more complicated solutions for securing data, as simply access at the office is no longer sufficient. Critical business information must nowadays be available also at the home office or elsewhere. The world is changing and developing while various risks are changing as well. 

A step against cyber attacks 

Cyber attacks are a real risk that more and more companies are up against in the developing world. In order to ensure that the data of Autorsoft’s customers are secured as much as possible, we became partners with Primend, the largest company in Estonia offering cloud services and security, who has been awarded the title of Microsoft Partner of the Year for several years and is also certified by them. In March 2021, we moved our servers to Primend Cloud, as that way we are able to prevent various attacks and ensure the strongest possible security for our customers. We also offer the server for rent to users who do not belong to the customer base of Autorsoft.

Possibilities and advantages of cloud services

Cloud services provide access to data both at the office and elsewhere. As a company grows, service performance can be dynamically expanded. Primend offers a private cloud environment for the critical applications of a company, which must still be close at hand or are not yet ready for the cloud.

Creation and management of a datacentre is costly. First of all, you have to buy the right equipment and hire people to set it up and maintain it. The greatest advantages of cloud-based data processing are flexibility and mobility. That gives people an opportunity to work wherever they choose. Thanks to high-quality backup, the technical setup of Primend Cloud ensures a short recovery time of the systems. They have capabilities to restore even large data volumes in just minutes. Primend Cloud also provides quick storage, which is especially important for mission-critical services of SQL databases. The team of Primend also has a strong technical background, and all the members are certified specialists. All the system administrators have more than ten years of experience.

What does the change mean for the customers and Autorsoft?

For the customers of Autorsoft, nothing really changes except for the knowledge that from now on their data is even better protected, as Primend keeps investing in equipment, know-how and work processes ensuring high availability, fault tolerance and quick response in the event of any service error.

Thanks to the fact that Autorsoft no longer has to worry about the maintenance and security of the server, we have more energy and resources to further improve the quality of our products and services and also take on new projects.