IONO analytics - measure performance yourself and make informed decisions IONO analytics - measure performance yourself and make informed decisions

IONO analytics

IONO is a new generation BI service that cuts you free from relying on stale data and buying expensive software licences.

When it comes to BI, many are still used to the idea that data analysis is complicated and expensive. We created IONO to eliminate exactly those aspects from business analytics. IONO does not require a big investment or buying out software. With IONO you will have a clear overview of your company’s data, wider knowledge about your market segment, etc. IONO enables you to become an expert in your company and make informed decisions.

Too much data, but still not enough for generating success?

As data sources continue to multiply, companies increasingly find that they have all kinds of data available, but not much to do with it. Data can now be gathered from:

  • open data sources,
  • IoT devices,
  • accounting, marketing and all other departments crucial for company’s success,
  • industrial device logs,
  • etc.

Amounts of data keeps piling up, but when it comes to decision making it still does not seem to be enough. Sounds familiar? In order to successfully use data it has to be cleaned and set into proper context. IONO analytics does that work for you, by collecting data from various sources that are key to your company’s success, cleans them and connects them into a holistic data model.


Measure performance and results will improve

Every day small and not so small decisions are made inside and outside of a company. These decisions have a big effect on the company’s business, its success or failure. But how to measure the impact before it’s too late? By the time annual turnover and profit results come in, it is already too late. Nothing can be changed; by that time we are dealing with old data that only allows you to make peace with the situation at hand and leaves you guessing what exactly brought these results.

Like the results of a sprinter are made up by the tiniest decisions she makes while running, the same applies to companies as well. We want to know that the sprinter has made a delayed start the minute it happens, so the sprinter can adjust her speed to catch up with others. That way there is still time to improve and finish the race first. In order to achieve the set goal it is important to measure every performance.

Performance components

IONO analytics enables your company to measure every performance and get constant updates as often as needed. All to provide your company with the knowledge for success.


Reasearch data and make informed decisions

By using IONO, a company can research their own data and therefore better their understanding about the market, their business segment, clients and overall business situation.

With IONO every company has the opportunity to enrich their data with open-source data relevant to their segment. For example, insurance companies can  have their data enriched with public data about demographics, accidents etc. Every company can develop and customize their own data needs. Options are endless.

All this data can be filtered and analyzed by using well known and familiar modern analysis tools- Microsoft Excel and Power BI. There is no need to by expensive software licenses. IONO with Excel and Power BI will be all you need to filter your data and generate interactive, visually easy to fallow dashboards and reports.

By using your company’s data the right way, the door to success is open.


Choose a Modern Analysis Service

Business analysis landscape has changed over the years. Increasing number of company leaders want to be more involved in data analysis, but are afraid of the time consuming process of entering data into spreadsheets to create reports.

IONO does that work for you by automatically generating reports that are interactive, shareable between selected peers and free from type-o’s that might happen when data is inserted manually.

IONO enables you to create dashboards with relevant data for your business goals. For example, marketing can draw data from social networks, company’s webpage, Google analytics etc; production can create dashboards with data from the production line machines, IoT devices, stock level etc. All these dashboards can be shared with the head of the company who also has access to other relevant dashboards, e.g sales. This way IONO creates a detailed and easily readable visual overview of the state of your company. All this knowledge creates a foundation for successful business decisions.

Primend’s IONO is a service where all the complicated work is done by our specialists, allowing you to focus on business analysis and decision making. All for your success!

IONO also grows with your company needs and can be used with any smart-device.


IONO seamless on all devices

New knowledge, new questions, new answers

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